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Monthly MEND

A Moment with Sara: On Running Three Businesses & Collaborating with MEND  

Sara’s energy was infectious; she’s bubbly, fun and dynamic.  She has created and runs three business: The Merry Hour, This Fem and has her own creative services company under Sara Schulz Co.
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A Moment with WAY the Label: On the MEND Pantsuit & Staying True to their Vision

Back in February I began my search for  a custom blush pantsuit -- the perfect outfit to represent the MEND brand.  Within a few weeks I found WAY the Label (WTL) via Instagram and slid into their DMs praying they wouldn’t think I was a lunatic for requesting a custom tailored pink pantsuit.  A week later, I met two of the three ladies for coffee where they presented the perfect fabric swatches and two different sketches & suit options. I have the utmost respect & value for those who can not only show up, but bring along their vision (with immense detail) to the first meeting.  
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A Moment with Gail: On Inspiration, Balance & Black Spinel

I met Gail by chance last spring.  She the buyer, curator and marketing / events manager at russell & hazel.  I stumbled upon russell & hazel in the North Loop and knew MEND belonged in there. I dropped off my cards and within a few weeks MEND debuted in its first store. Gail has always been an advocate & supporter of MEND.
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A Moment with Gina: On Motherhood, Mantras & Moonstone

I met Gina Erikson two years ago through her husband Matthew whom I worked with at my last job.  Gina offers a warm, inviting energy when I’m around her.  She’s kind, quirky and has a dad joke on deck for any situation.  Gina is a mama bird expecting her first child in July. With Mother’s Day around the corner, we felt it was a perfect time to share her story as this milestone approaches. 
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A Moment with MEND: How I got here.

  As I write this, I am seated on a packed flight to the Windy City.  I have officially been my own boss for four months, but it’s felt longer and shorter all at the same time.  I call this the entrepreneur’s time zone. I am constantly reflecting on the past, planning for the future and delivering in the present moment. I don’t know any other gear but full throttle when I am put in the driver’s seat.  For those who don’t know the journey I’ve had in the past year, it’s been a wonderful mix of thrills, terror and freedom.  Here’s a brief recap:  I spent from 2015-2017 working at a couple of different marketing, advertising & product design...
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