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Our Commitment to Heal

At MEND, we are committed to creating change through facilitating education and conversation while partnering with and donating to causes who share in our mission. Together, we believe we can make our world a more equitable place for our communities of color and are looking forward to the new chapter we’re writing in which all voices and lives are valued equally.

Artwork by The Female Hustlers Academy. 

Anytime you find a product this beautiful with values this powerful, you absolutely have to get behind it and become their biggest advocate.

Jordan B.

I am a loyalist to MEND because of the beauty each piece eludes, and the meaning each one carries.

Tia W.

(The earrings) are a perfect mix of classed-up and classic, so I’ll be able to wear on the regular. I literally wore them with shorts and a T-shirt yesterday and felt amazing. But they will be flawless dressed up

LeAnn B.

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