how to take care of jewelry

How to Care for Your Jewelry

You know that feeling you get when you open up your jewelry box and it's full of tangled necklaces, tarnished rings, and broken earrings? Yeah... me too. But we're not going to let this happen anymore! Here are the three ways to keeping your jewelry in tip-top shape so they can last you a lifetime: 

1. Store gems in a clean space: Certain airborne contaminants like water droplets, dust particles, dirt or other particles may be lurking on the surface of your jewels if they're constantly exposed to air. It is important to store them away from these airborne contaminants by storing them in an enclosed space like jewelry box with a closing door or lid. Choosing a display box where jewelry can hang will reduce the chance of tangled items. 

 2. Keep them clean: To avoid tarnishing gold-plated items use a polishing cloth made specifically for gold filled and plated items which will prevent discoloration as well as remove fingerprints and other smudges without damaging the metal surface.

3. Wear your jewelry where it counts: To avoid damaging your jewelry, we recommend you remove all jewelry before applying lotions and soaps. Oh, and don't shower with your gems on! (see option #2)

The key to caring for your jewelry is consistency. If it has been awhile since you have had any of your pieces cleaned, please take the time to do so now and enjoy wearing them again. 


For more information on the materials MEND uses, you can review them in our FAQs here. 

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