Our Commitment to Heal


Artwork by the Female Hustlers Academy 

I continue to learn about the privileges and advantages I have as a white woman in Minneapolis. 
I believe it is every brand’s responsibility to place their stake in the ground about equality and fight for social change however they can. There is no right way to help. It is not enough to say we are going to do something about the injustices faced by our black community, it is about following through and maintaining momentum.  
Now, any sort of systemic change is going to require work and becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable.

MEND is rooted in healing. Healing is not a process in which we simply hold crystals and hope our pains go away. Healing is work.  Healing is ugly. Healing is hard. Healing does not have an endpoint.

Healing is a process in which we learn to acknowledge our past while using it as a guide to grow and make actual changes to move forward. 
We are fighting for a just, equal, and empathetic world for everyone.
MEND’s Commitment to Healing
We will be donating time, resources and proceeds to various organizations, locally and nationally, who share in our mission to support our communities of color
We will create a more diverse board of advocates for MEND
We will continue to hire, partner and purchase from artists of color
We will learn more about the history of jewelry design and claim no ownership to designs originated by artists of color
We will proactively work to ensure all events/opportunities we participate in include BIPOC-owned businesses
We will continue to educate ourselves through literature, conversation with diverse voices and attendance of events featuring/including/led by persons of color
We will continue to have difficult, but much needed, conversations with family, friends, and our greater community
We will make sure everyone we know is registered to vote
This is our commitment we are proud to stand by indefinitely as we renew our mission to heal AND help create change. We hope you will also choose to become proactively involved in creating change within our community.
Jordyn & Katherine
MEND Leadership Team