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For August, we chatted with Sara Schultz  on how she became the founder of three brands, found her passion through travel and using her graphic design skills to partner with MEND.

It all started with a happy hour at the Hewing and a MEND necklace.  

Sara’s energy was infectious; she’s bubbly, fun and dynamic.  She has created and runs three business: The Merry Hour, This Fem and has her own creative services company under Sara Schulz Co.  

After learning more about this dynamic chick, I needed to collaborate with her.  In the past six months, Sara has designed incredible MEND graphic and physical designs (see our gorgeous email and our Russell + Hazel display) and MEND collaborates with the Merry Hour by being one of their giveaway brands.

Stones she wears:

Coffee Moonstone for creativity

Green Onyx for confidence


Tell me a little bit about yourself

S: My husband, Will, recently described me as a Renaissance Woman. I think that’s because I like to do all the things. I get a lot of excitement and energy around doing multiple types of things. In my business, they’re all very related and they all come back to me having a creative outlet. I get to play this creative director role in these three legs of my business. My core business is as a graphic designer,  creative director and client work - small businesses or bloggers who are looking for visual branding or are ready to elevate their business. t’s really fun for me to help business owners and dreamers to make those dreams come true.

M: We adore the work & experience you give others and to  MEND. It is top notch.

Tell us about your brands.

S: The Merry Hour was born because both Rachel, my business partner in that venture and I needed a space where we could be open, vulnerable and have real conversations about how frickin’ hard being your own boss is and  running your own business is. We felt like we didn’t have our answers, and as we were exploring different options we realized so many other women were probably feeling the same thing; that they were looking for answers they couldn’t find.

What we learned is that a lot of what holds us back as entrepreneurs, mothers, or successful women in any area is ourselves.

A fear that we are not good enough, not going to get it right, of the unknown and the what ifs and by talking about that with one another we’ve been able to inspire other women and feel inspired. 

S: ThisFem was born out of a design I created years ago that I launched last summer and it went really well. That was really to have a conversation. In all things I’m trying to do, I think having open and honest conversations are very important. Somewhere along the way, equality of all forms has turned into political conversation, which it has nothing to do with politics - it has  everything to do with being a nice human being and accepting and loving everyone. It seems so simple. I have a lot of passion projects!

M: We love all of the heart put into both of these brands. 

What made you interested in working with MEND?

S: Jordyn’s energy is insane and so inspirational. The passion she has around her work and her love for what she does is so clear that she values living a life she really loves. This work feeds into that for her, which just spoke to me - that’s how I want to live too. Seeing someone who’s young and hungry, but who is also unbelievably kind, humble and a hard worker is so funI was introduced to Jordyn and MEND at the same time, so I can’t separate the two in my mind. As you start learning more about her process: the jewelry, why she picks the material she uses, how she’s partnering in the community and collaborating, for me it was a no brainer. Not only is this beautiful, elegant, dainty, everyday jewelry, but she’s also being very strategic and purposeful with where the brand is going and I love that. It is so much more than a necklace and Jordyn has built MEND to be that way.

M: Trying not to sob over here….the feelings are mutual Sara :).

What has the process been like working with MEND?

S: The most fun part about working with Jordyn is the unbelievable trust she has in me to execute whatever it is we are working on. She gives me a lot of space and creative freedom to just create. That is absolutely an ideal client. I didn’t do MEND’s branding myself, but I love the brand colors and logo. They are just so spot on with not only the story Jordyn tells everyday, but it’s so beautiful and appealing to her core demographic. Often times Jordyn will come up with projects that she needs executed and she will send me an email with her top three priorities of what it needs to encompass and I get to go play and create what I want it to look like.

One thing a lot of my clients say is I’m very good at understanding and translating what they see in their head.

M: Yes! One of MEND’s core value is to elevate and delegate.  You’re an expert in your work and we trust your vision to match ours.

How do you implement the values of MEND in your life (intention, inspiration, healing)?

S: I try really hard not to work late and get in bed at a decent hour. I try to not set my alarm for an early meeting if I don’t need to and if I’m not feeling rested I’ll let myself rest. I try really hard to focus on that because I’m not at my best if I’m tired. I love to listen to music, there’s alway music playing at my house. I’ll put on a genre or a feel and from there, I couldn’t tell you who the artists are. I love having that sound with what I’m doing.

M: We 100% agree. Our rested self is our best self.

What’s your daily mantra? 

S: I’m trying to be a lot more forgiving when inside of my head is a little crazy! I think a lot of creatives feel that way. I’m trying to be very forgiving of my thoughts, where my thoughts go or if I get distracted. I’m trying to shorten the time it takes me to get back to my goal, purpose or focus. What I’m constantly reminding myself is “it’s okay”.

M:  Love this and implementing it immediately.

Each month, we will share insights of the women who embody, wear & inspire us. The goal is to feel connected to those around us, through their stories and connection to MEND. 

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