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For October, we chatted with Randi Larson of Pursey 

I met Randi & the trio behind Pursey in March during International Women's Day.  I remember knowing the brand on Instagram before I actually met them in person for the first time. My first impression of the Pursey ladies was how vibrant fun and strong they were. 

Randi and I have been working in the same creative circle and MEND partnered with her for our first Fashion Week MN event this fall. Randi is strong, passionate & funny.  She's an inspiration for anyone who is looking to take a leap and follow their purpose. 


Tell me a little bit about yourself.

R: In general I am a mother of three girls and Pursey came out of nowhere. I was working part time and I had been wanting something creative. I grew up in a creative family. My mom’s very creative, my sisters are creative - all in different ways. I really have liked making something out of nothing. I was looking for something to do that would satisfy that creative spirit in me. I tried a bunch of things and none of them had really stuck. I tried screen printing tee shirts, painting and trying out different forms of creativity and nothing was giving me this feeling that I wanted to feel which was a lot of joy, connection, satisfaction and collaboration.

So I stopped trying to figure out what would be the thing that would make me feel really joyful and good and decided, “I’m going to think about how I want my life to feel, how I want to feel in my work, and I’m just going to be open to ideas of things that might do that.”

We had talked about as a group wanting to feel joyful and connected and making something out of nothing.

When I accidentally called Jenny’s purse a “pursey” on the way to the Women's March and we were joking and laughing. When we first started we tried to sew the handbags ourselves. We actually made prototypes and we figured out how to construct that.

M: We love the idea of not knowing what you wanted, but knowing how you wanted to feel.

Where do you hope to see Pursey in the future?

R: We do want to have Pursey be a nationally recognized brand. Our biggest dream would be an international company that is employing women and people that we can donate a ton of money to organizations that support women. We want to grow this into something big and wonderful.

We really want to create a sense of community and connection. It’s really important for us to get out and meet, know, find and collaborate with women who are on a mission to empower other women.

I think there is so much opportunity for us to each make our own impact, but then stand alongside each other.

M: AMEN TO THAT! We support this 100%

What was it like collaborating with WAY the Label and MEND for Minnesota Fashion Week?

R: It wa a great experience.

One of my favorite things about it is all three brands and personalities are very different. The way of handling things, our strengths, our highlights, those are all very different things but we have so much in common still.

We can all  learn so much from each other. I felt like bringing those three different experiences together were so valuable for the people who came. Everyone is at different stages and can resonate in different ways and I think it opened up some of the ideas of certain ways that creative people are or aren't. I’m really glad that Jordyn asked us to be a part of it.

M: We had a blast at the event.  Thank you for sharing your creativity, perspective & opinion.  Also you helped make the event a smashing success :)

How do you implement the values of MEND in your life?

R: In general, intention is something that I feel I try to be mindful of in all aspects of my life. I also believe in the power of intuition and I feel like there’s an aspect with MEND Jewelry about intuitively being drawn to something and being able to just trust that and not have to analyze that. I like the aspect of choosing one of her stones or one of her pieces and going with that. I feel like that is something I am implementing in my life, is trusting that intuitive piece and going for that.

What’s your daily mantra? 

R: Right now, the one that is in the forefront of my mind is, “All of life is organizing around my success. If that’s true, how am I showing up in the world?”

M: Love this!

Each month, we will share insights of the women who embody, wear & inspire us. The goal is to feel connected to those around us, through their stories and connection to MEND. 

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