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A Moment with Nellie: On Traveling, Holistic Living  & Coaching Others To Live With Intention

For September, we chatted with Nellie Brau of Haus of Ojas.  Before I met Nellie, I heard about the holistic lifestyle brand she created, Haus of Ojas and I was intrigued. It was at the Linden Hills Farmers market I noticed her wearing one of my stack necklaces and I introduce myself.   Once I realized the connection and who she was, we immediately grabbed coffee.

Nellie is thoughtful, kind and offers a calmness I envy.  Her perspective on the world is unique with all of the solo travel under her belt.   We chatted with Nellie to learn more about the backstory behind her hollistic lifeystyle brand.

Stones she wears:

Black Spinel for grounding energy &  balance


Tell me a little bit about yourself.

N: I have always been interested in health. My experience with health and wellness started when I was an adolescent. I never felt very good both physically and mentally and I think a lot of it had to do with societal pressures that are put on individuals, you know high schoolers and college aged kids. I just found myself getting wrapped up in a lot of expectations. I remember thinking to myself “this isn’t how it should be, a young person shouldn’t feel this stressed out!” I went to college and studied culture first. I was very interested in how other cultures approach health and wellbeing, so I got a Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Studies and then I went on to get a Masters in Holistic Health.

I really focused my studies on what are the alternatives, what are other cultures doing and how can we approach this in a different way so that people can feel good at any age.

M: We love the idea of taking the challenges faced at a young age and turning it into a profession for positive change.

How has food become important in your holistic lifestyle?

N: In between my bachelors and masters, I spent two years in France and I really just to learn the language and to eat. I’m very passionate about food. I believe that that is the source of medicine you can feel through food. When I started looking into my diet versus looking  into other things, I got my stress under control- I started to feel worlds better. I want to be able to help my clients from a holistic standpoint. When someone sits down with me to talk, we really go into what’s happening in your world globally. The US healthcare system tends to zoom in and look at just one thing.

Tell us about your experiences traveling the world learning about cultures, food, and wellness.

N: I lived in France for two years and I also love solo travel. I did it in Europe, Morocco, and most recently I did a Southeast Asia tour where I was in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and I went to India to continue my studies ayurveda.  

M: Amazing! Travel is one of the only experiences we get more than what paid for in return.

How do you implement the values of MEND in your life (intention, inspiration, healing)?

N: The intentionality behind MEND aligns with what I do. I believe in intentionally taking care of yourself every single day.

So, to that I have a diverse set of self-care rituals. First, I’m a Yogi. I truly believe in the power of going to the yoga studio, that’s healing for me. The next biggest is cooking. I love cooking, for me that’s a healing practice. It helps you develop a relationship with food. If I have a hard, stressful day the number one thing I like to do is get home and cook something homemade.

M: Yes, we are firm believers daily self-care, it should be part of our everyday ritual.

What’s your daily mantra? 

N: I think my mantras shift depending on what’s going on in my business and me personal life. One that has been really strong recently is “My pace is the only pace.”

M: Love this and using it NOW!

Each month, we will share insights of the women who embody, wear & inspire us. The goal is to feel connected to those around us, through their stories and connection to MEND. 

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