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For May, we chatted with Gina Erikson. 

I met Gina Erikson two years ago through her husband Matthew whom I worked with at my last job.  Gina offers a warm, inviting energy when I’m around her.  She’s kind, quirky and has a dad joke on deck for any situation.  Gina is a mama bird expecting her first child in July. With Mother’s Day around the corner, we felt it was a perfect time to share her story as this milestone approaches. 

Stones she wears: Moonstone + Rose Quartz


Tell me a little bit about where you are at currently.

G: I’m currently residing in the greater Minneapolis area at probably the happiest point in my life yet. 

M: We’re happy to be in your orbit of happiness! 

How is happiness defined in your life?

G: This is a tough one. I guess I’d have to say that happiness occurs when I feel I’ve fulfilled my potential or made a positive impact on someone’s life.

You’re going through a pretty big life change (arriving soon here!) What has that journey been like?

G: It’s been a bit of a roller coaster. It took a while for us to get here, and I’m glad that we finally did. It’s full of excitement, acceptance, challenges, and unexpected experiences. Overall, it’s been wonderful and we’re very happy and looking forward to meeting our little guy soon!

M: The struggles of fertility can be daunting, frustrating and painful.  We’re happy you’ve been able to overcome the challenges and start your family. We are so thrilled to meet your son….he’s going to have loving, thoughtful parents. 

How do have you handled adversity in your life?  

G: I usually talk about it with people I trust. I allow myself to honor the feelings I have about the situation – positive or negative – and decide which course of action (if any) would be the most constructive. Deep breaths are also helpful.

M: Yes! We love acceptance of our feelings, regardless of how difficult that can be.

What’s your daily mantra?

G: Don’t tell me how to live.

M: Damn straight.

What inspires you? 

G: One of the most inspirational things to me is just people being people. Watching someone doing something that they love or are passionate about; seeing someone standup for what they believe in and fight for the good of others; people facing the everyday challenges of life and still finding time to make someone else smile. I find joy in all of it.

When you wear MEND, how do you feel?

G: I feel unique and beautiful. The pieces are very special to me and I love how each person can wear them or layer them in their own way to reflect their personality. I also really love that each stone is unique in its cut, or exact color; reflecting the light in its own way. I think the pieces really speak to how I want to be seen, myself.

M:  This brings us such joy, seeing a piece connect with you right where you are at.  

How has MEND impacted you? 

G: MEND has inspired me. I think it’s wonderful how the business itself has grown, that it’s female owned, and that the pieces are such high quality. I marvel at what the owner has been able to create and it gives me inspiration for my own life and goals.

M: Awww. We find inspiration in the journey of the women we meet. When we hear this, it feels like our mission has been accomplished.

When you think of MEND as a brand, what comes to mind?

G: Peace, strength, warmth, and humility. I think that the brand is really impactful and stands out, but it’s not in your face about it. It doesn’t hunt you down and force you to buy products; it invites you in and speaks to your heart.

M: We take pride in our not-in-your-face-about-buying approach :) 

Name someone who has changed your life.

G: Matthew, my husband, most definitely has had the largest impact on my life. We met in a transitional phase of my life and he really helped me to become my authentic self.

M: Our hearts just exploded.

Each month, we will share insights of the women who embody, wear & inspire us. The goal is to feel connected to those around us, through their stories and connection to MEND. 


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