what are threader earrings

How do earring threaders work?

Do you have pierced ears and want to elevate your earring game without struggling with fussy earring backs or earrings that slip out?  Have no fear, earring threaders are here! Threaders are the perfect design to help you seamlessly and stylishly slip earrings through your ears, hassle-free. 

1. Our earrings have an elongated chain strand with a gemstone on the end. The long chain is inserted into the opening of your ear piercing.

2. Then you'll pull through the thread until the half gold hoop sits in your piercing.

3. Once they are in, you can adjust as needed. Do threader earrings hurt? Nope! Once they are in, you will barely feel them! 

  MEND Amethyst threaders.

You can use these for multiple piercings in either ears for stylish layering earring look. If you want to purchase some threader earrings for yourself, we have a variety available threaders in our collection here.  Happy layering! 


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